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What will happen to all the Covid screens?

Walk into many offices and you'll see a proliferation of perspex screens. Installed at the beginning of the pandemic, facilities managers had the best intentions. They are now being removed but what will happen to them?

Joanna highlights this dilemma in the latest issue of IN magazine.


Where there's muck ....

Joanna continues to 'champion' greater sustainability in the office workplace.

Her latest article in IN magazine -
'Where there's muck, there's brass' - looks at the opportunities for reusing materials previously considered waste.

Have a read!


Joanna Chairs Sustainable Design Collective

Working with Harsha Kotak, founder of Women in Office Design, Joanna has launched the Sustainable Design Collective. This 'think tank' group includes over 20 of the leading names in workplace interiors and design. The group will meet every two months to discuss developments and enhancements to greater environmental responsibility.

Appointed to FISP Advisory Committee

Joanna is delighted to be appointed as a guest member to the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme (FISP) advisory committee.
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